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More Than A Lifestyle. It's Been Quite The Life.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl growing up in New York. She loved jewelry. Making jewelry. Meeting people. And selling jewelry. She was a natural. The earliest picture she has of herself doing this was when she was 9 in Manhattan. (We couldn't find that photo, but when we do, we'll add it) What we do have are a few pictures of her peddling her wares in the 60's: This last photo was taken in the late 60's. A street peddler with Style! Every piece of jewelry back then, she made herself. By hand (she's holding the pliers). At the time, she was selling in Greenwich Village and other areas around the city popular to tourists. While...

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Ginger Jo - Your lovable treasure hunter

This is Ginger Jo... Her story begins by complete accident, literally, a car accident. Before she became known for her fabulous collection of American turquoise, she was selling what we all know as fine jewelry. Gold. Diamonds. Emeralds. Rubies, etc. One fateful day on her way across country for a buying trip she got into a freak accident. Right in the heart of American Indian country. You see, while she has always loved jewelry, as a certified GIA gemologist, she was well versed in the language of precious metals and serious sparkle, and knew nothing about the style or the people who create what she now knows was always her destiny. This was no accident, this was the universe stopping her...

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