Ginger Jo - Your lovable treasure hunter

This is Ginger Jo...

Ginger Jo - The Family Jewels of Texas

Her story begins by complete accident, literally, a car accident. Before she became known for her fabulous collection of American turquoise, she was selling what we all know as fine jewelry. Gold. Diamonds. Emeralds. Rubies, etc. One fateful day on her way across country for a buying trip she got into a freak accident. Right in the heart of American Indian country. You see, while she has always loved jewelry, as a certified GIA gemologist, she was well versed in the language of precious metals and serious sparkle, and knew nothing about the style or the people who create what she now knows was always her destiny. This was no accident, this was the universe stopping her exactly where she was meant to be. But since she's a bit stubborn, it took a major collision that would strand her for a month in the place she was supposed to find, giving her the opportunity to fall in love with the Native American culture, the people, and the amazing jewelry that they create.

She will tell you that this was the universe's gift to her and that she has been blessed on her many trips over the last 30 years. She has many stories to share about her travels. All of the pieces she sells represent a generational craft handed down from Grandparents to grandchildren. She has had the privilege to know many skilled artisans, some famous artists, and a wonderful community.

Ginger Jo with jewelry artist

She knows every detail about every piece. She can tell you where the turquoise is from, what the designs represent, and which nation each is from. She knows the history of American turquoise, and the history behind the jewelry as well as the makers.

To quote a magazine she was featured in once: "With the spirit of a gypsy she travels the backroads in her pearl white Ford dooley, "Blaze", searching for treasures for you. This is Blaze:

And that's exactly who she is and what she does. If you have the chance to see her at her store, you will understand a bit better. If you find her at the Houston Rodeo or other market, you will witness what it all means, and if you buy a piece to bring home, you will be sharing in her passion, helping a community, and carrying her story on.