More Than A Lifestyle. It's Been Quite The Life.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl growing up in New York. She loved jewelry. Making jewelry. Meeting people. And selling jewelry. She was a natural. The earliest picture she has of herself doing this was when she was 9 in Manhattan. (We couldn't find that photo, but when we do, we'll add it)

What we do have are a few pictures of her peddling her wares in the 60's:

This last photo was taken in the late 60's. A street peddler with Style! Every piece of jewelry back then, she made herself. By hand (she's holding the pliers).

At the time, she was selling in Greenwich Village and other areas around the city popular to tourists. While her apartment (uhm I mean, political activist Crash Pad) was in Alphabet City. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Political. Activist. Crash. Pad. Because someone had to take action against corrupt landlords. You know the ones you gasp at in the movies that withheld heat and hot water, that let roaches and rats infest the units while trying to collect rent. The movies had to get inspiration from somewhere. That was real life. It was the era of free love and "free" rent. At least until a padlock got put on the door.

Ok, enough about that. That could be a whole other post... Back to the modern Gypsy we know and love.

In the mornings during this era, she would wake up and walk or hitchhike uptown to where the Bloomindale's was and set up her little pushcart full of jewels. She would spend the day peddling her wares, come home with a pocket full of money in the evening, and do it all again the next day. What a time to be a in NYC!

To know her now, you can only imagine what she might have been like. It was likely almost the exact same with less experience, some things you just don't lose the enthusiasm for. She has the same excitement and energy she had for it back then. The same love for the jewels and creation. And the same ability to engage with her customers, share her excitement, and get them excited. It's really something to witness.

Fast forward to today, she calls Texas home and she is still setting up her jewelry to sell. Albeit, she's not hitchhiking and she's graduated from the original push cart, to a booth that takes a moving truck, 3 movers, and a handful of friends/employees 7 days (from sun up to sun down) to assemble at the Houston Rodeo.

This year, you will find her in booth D4088, right next to the King Ranch booth.

She will have all your favorite Native American jewelry, plus her fabulous hand customized cowboy hats, and other cool stuff.

Just look for the booth with lively music, and people line dancing in the isle in front of it. When you walk in, you won't just be walking into a really cool shop, you'll be walking into meet your new fun family.

This year the Houston Rodeo will be held from February 28th through March 20th at NRG stadium.

SO in the Words of our Lovable Gypsy...

Y'all come on buy!