Custom Cowboy Hats

Make hats not war...

Hats made of Guatemalan white palm leaves. The process is intricate. After the palm fronds are harvested they are seasoned for six months, then braided into tiny braids which are then hand-stitched into the beautiful cowboy hat shape. Each has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. Now that's something!

Ginger Jo then designs and embellishes each individually to create these one-of-a-kind beauties, no two are ever the same! Not ever! She uses Swarovski crystal, imported European fabrics, velvets tapestries, and Italian leather. Her hats are decorated with all varieties of natural gemstones.

Prices start at just $55 for plain Jane hats. $125 will get you a leather wrapped brim. And if you want the full monty, I'm talking about razzle dazzle embellishments, those run from $225 to $355.

Once you buy one of these hats you will Never See another exactly like it. And if you do, it's because someone stole yours, and you need to take it back.

**For these, it's better to see them in person. So for now, we don't have any online. We encourage you call or text Ginger Jo at (832) 526-6911 to make an appointment to come over and try them on!**



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